Only by Our Bridges
our everyday utterances

By: Anneke

May 7, 2020


Words can’t say
You to me are
This or that.

There is no time limit here
And no definition per say,
Unless the definition is always changing
Through our continued availability to each other.

You want to know who I am
And I respond by wanting to know you back;
Loving who I see in you
As you are loving who you see in me
Because our words can’t say.

Though words do go a good distance
When uttered thoughtfully; with care and kindness.
Resources for unity, our everyday utterances
Become the building blocks for
The bridges between us; in turn, becoming
Only stronger with each new thought
And feeling shared.

So I stand on my seemingly lonely shore
The same way you do on yours,
Nail biting, as my curious, loving gaze
Watches you work through your life
And your equally perceptive eyes
Do the same for me
Because our words, alone, can’t say.

It’s only by our bridges
That we can hold each other until we need to go:
Sharing by asking,
Supporting by listening,
Expressing by doing.
Securing the foundation of our superstructure friendship,
Soon to be well traveled
And becoming an indescribable,
Powerfully informative,
Ever evolving,
Forming friendship.

A. Edson

Author: Anneke

Anneke is a prolific writer and poet of the New Republic of the Heart. She was a key part of the original Co-Creators of the NRTH Voices blog.

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  1. David Chasteen

    Lovely poem. It speaks a truth on the deep friendships and how they are formed. Hard to get that insight except through poetry.


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