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Skills needed

  • web designers / developers
  • graphic designers
  • social media mgrs
  • writers, editors, proofreaders
  • audio and video editors
  • admin and executive assistance
  • business development mgrs
  • project mgrs
  • networkers
  • marketers
  • fundraisers
  • event planners
  • boots on the ground
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Help co-create a New Republic of the Heart

A New Republic of the Heart is incorporated as an official California 501(c)3 organization. Since 2019, we have grown past a startup stage with several cohorts, hundreds of people trained and joining the community. Many volunteers have worked on and established the State of Emergence podcast. Our next stage of growth is to foster an integrated, global community to co-create the system-level change needed to address our existential global problems. And we want to work with you to co-create the vision of the New Republic of the Heart.

We are largely a team of volunteers who give and receive profound value in an enjoyable and deeply rewarding experience, while we bring about a true New Republic of the Heart.

Volunteers will get to work in small teams formed from the many interesting members of this community and with external allies as we work towards a global HoloMovement.

You might also have something useful to offer that we haven’t listed above, or perhaps you feel the call to volunteer but don’t quite know how or where. If so, please let us know that too.  Please fill out the form below.

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