A New Republic of the Heart

About us.


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit formed to bring system level change and address the existential problems of our time. We do this through training of practitioners, the State of Emergence podcast, and bringing together people and communities to address our urgent global challenges by doing the inner work of personal transformation AND the outer work of civic engagement.


We are helping to co-create a new republic of the heart locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.


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Getting Active

The catalysts for us


A New Republic of the Heart is created by and for people waking up to what time it is on the planet. We are moved to ripple our awakening awareness into the body politic. We seek to do this in a way that enables people to move through denial, anger, grief and despair to a new level of joy, gratitude, inspired practice and citizenship.

Our aim is to work on all levels — inside ourselves, in our communities and globally. We seek to bolster health and wholeness on all levels, in all domains of human life. We focus on those recognizing the current human crisis of fragmentation.


This nonprofit organization is dedicated to supporting the emergence of a new stage of maturity in and among human beings.

It is about growing into new levels of brother-sisterhood. Our ultimate intentions extend broadly, expressing the great utopian tradition: we intend to serve the whole of human civilization and even the harmonious relations of human beings and the non-human world.

But our immediate tasks are simple and realistic — a series of discrete projects.

What we do

We are planning to

Co-create an integrated movement deeply valuing all perspectives



Revolutions create new systems. A revolution of awakening is already well underway.
You can think of this as:

“A New Republic of the Heart”. In countless communities of practice, human beings are becoming self-aware, facing their shadow, healing their trauma, waking up, coming to know a higher or divine principle, accessing higher states and stages of consciousness, gaining new kinds of self-understanding and becoming capable of new orders of cooperation.
Those possibilities are already being deeply explored by a wide variety of pioneering sociocultural experiments, by communities of practice. Some are deeply informed by the wisdom achieved by the great tradition of awakeners and communities of awakening. We join a wide and diverse community that is already enacting a transition to a new stage of human maturity



This greater transformation is inherent, organic, well underway.
It is expressed in countless initiatives…

in exactly these terms; that is one of the unique features of this particular project. We acknowledge that we are revolutionaries, and we reaffirm the archetype of the revolutionary — of reformers, change-makers, founding mothers and fathers. This is perfectly appropriate, even though we declare a revolution that is not only non-violent, but actually non-oppositional. In our work, we face the ones who resist our initiatives, drawing a boundary between themselves and us, heart-to-heart, drawing a bigger circle that includes them with us. And we aim to make this real.
And we have just begun. At the time of this writing we are a handful of volunteers. But with your help we hope to grow, and we’d like to do a lot, as you’ll see. Even so, our first tasks are educational and relational. We intend to bring about broader awareness of the many insights in the book A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries. 



    • Seriousness and light-hearted joy

      • Seriousness

It’s game-time on the planet. Let’s act like it.

      • Light-hearted joy

Facing the human predicament doesn’t discourage us; it inspires us; we are sober but joyful, alive and creative.

      • Integrity and integration

        • Integrity

    We want to teach and engender next-level human maturity and cooperation; that means practicing it.

        • Integration

    It’s time for deeper practice of the inner work the outer work, and the interpersonal work, understood as a single matter.

        • Servant-leadership and openness for emergent futures

          • Servant-leadership

      We honor relative maturity, but in an egalitarian spirit.

          • An emergent future

      Let’s make room for miracles. We’re not ‘in charge’. But we can be open channels through which evolutionary emergence (magic) really can happen!


      Dive Deeper

      Explore these webpages, the State of Emergence podcast, our stories and resources.

      Develop educational platforms


      Raise awareness

      A New Republic of the Heart explores the many channels, from word-of-mouth to mainstream media, including social media and non-traditional networks.

      This work enhances and connects…
      through media appearances, articles, public speaking and other publicity and public communications, by Terry Patten and others, we intend to communicate the opportunity for individuals to awaken and grow and link up with others to form communities of practice and social responsibility that can embody new healthier cultural patterns.

      If some of our experiments get it right enough, some of our innovations will become contagious and meaningfully uplift culture and society. We are hoping also to “pay forward” real blessings upon the human and non-human future of life.



      We produce the State of Emergence podcast, where, before his death, Terry Patten convened “conversations that matter” with leading thinkers.

      This may in time grow…
      to a family of podcasts and other media productions. Podcast episodes bring together popular intellectuals and bridge divides between key bodies of discourse (like those of Innovators, Ecologists and Evolutionaries).

      We will also explore important new cultural movements (like yin leadership, including masculine listening to feminine leadership).

      We will explore what can be done, conversing across worldview boundaries, and forging new shared agreements.

      We will engage an ongoing public exploration of how we can all more effectively evolve culture, consciousness, behavior and systems on behalf of the future of all we love.

      Be and Serve Healthy Community


      Be community - stories

      There are many many organisations and individuals actively creating initiatives and engagements that mirror New Republic of the Heart concepts. We will feature these…

      in a curated space – an engagement in the many to many transmission, co-creation and cascading of such concepts.

      The story section area features – at a level of depth and interest to do this justice and differentiate from the multitude of short snapshots that abound on the internet – people and groups that have been working on society and group problems and solutions in ways that are congruent with such concepts.

      It does this with a mixture of descriptive writing, videos and interviews to create a picture of how NRTH is developing and being developed by individuals within their spheres of influence, interest and engagement.


      Serve Community

      This organization intends to practice, and thus become a community of practice, listening and active change.

      We will enact the kinds of conversations and “we-space” described in A New Republic of the Heart,
      and more, to uplift ourselves, consciousness and relationships as we work together to do tangible service for and with others.

      We intend to enact a pattern that is not leader-centric:

      “everyone knows they belong — and yet we all arrive the way a novice arrives at a monastery, with “beginner’s mind”, willing and humble, knowing we are coming together to experiment beyond all our usual ways of being human”  – Terry Patten.

      Accordingly, a singular leader or teacher cannot dominate. If that occurs the old paradigm will just get re-enacted. That’s why we are a collective. We continue to welcome, and need, co-leaders, partners. We all must approach this project in that spirit. This is its DNA.

      We know that all our work, individual and collective, must reflect our highest shared wisdom, so practice continues and will necessarily go on forever. That is a shared clarity at the root of this work and its healthy culture.

      Come Together and Unify


      Convene Gatherings

      We will bring us together – face-to-face by convening gatherings – local, regional, national, global. These support the emergence of new healthy patterns of human culture.



      What we call A New Republic of the Heart is deepening our friendships, uplifting communities of practice and connecting our efforts to all healthy initiatives.


      Energize a Political Movement

      that’s building internationally, by acting locally and networking broadly

      These movements are already spontaneously coming into being internationally, by acting locally and networking broadly. In the USA, as a 501(c)3 non profit organisation, we do not seek to engage or influence US or international electoral politics, but, we are part of a larger revolutionary phenomenon. We hope to engender and support social and cultural transformation not just through ideas but through practical advances, some scientific and technological. But understanding the necessity of politics as one dimension of holistic (whole-system) change, political organizations such as a think tank, publication, and/or PAC might be among those incubated and nurtured by our ‘outer work’.


      movement of movements

      A revolution of awakening is already well underway. In countless communities of practice:

      • human beings are becoming self-aware,
      • facing their shadow,
      • healing their trauma,
      • waking up,
      • coming to know a higher or divine principle, accessing higher states and stages of consciousness,
      • gaining new kinds of self-understanding and becoming capable of new orders of friendship, cooperation, and intimacy.
      • and becoming aware of their higher purpose in our time


      A social revolution is underway.

      Tens of thousands of practical projects are helping people and communities, bringing sanity and integrity to our institutions and politics, and catalyzing revolutions in child rearing, education, food & agriculture, health, science, technology, the arts, business, finance, culture and society.

      Although wildly diverse, they all express some aspects of a new stage of human maturity. How powerful would be the synergies if all these efforts became coherent? The NRTH intends to form a “Movement of Movements” forging the social relationships across allied organizations to lever up our collective efforts.

      What Drives Us

      Our mission

      To help awaken people to what time it is on the planet and what we can do about it — in a way that helps people and communities move through and beyond denial, anger, grief and despair into a new level of clarity, joy, fellowship, responsibility, practices, behaviors and social change initiatives.

      NRH logo square black

      what are we

      a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the emergence of a new stage of human maturity and growing into new levels of brother-sisterhood.
      We are nascent and our capacities are humble, but they account for a global context. Our ultimate intentions extend broadly, expressing the great utopian tradition:
      We intend to help bring about a healthy future for everyone, civilized and not, human and more-than-human.

      Get involved

      There are many ways to co-create New Republics of the Heart.  You can cross-collaborate, you can share your story or submit your story idea, you can donate or volunteer, you can become more active personally assisted from the book, the State of Emergence podcast, and with resources to help.

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