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New ways of being human are emerging everywhere to create more joyful, meaningful, and beneficial futures. Join us as we become the spiritual friends and global citizens we are most deeply inspired to be.


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What is A New Republic of the Heart?



We serve spiritual practitioners and change agents in over 20 countries who are committed to becoming more effective citizens, activists, and leaders in their own communities.

Our educational offerings focus on three essential areas:

  1. “Inner work” of self-awareness and personal transformation
  2. “Interpersonal work” of authentic, compassionate relating
  3. “Outer work” of practical, beneficial action in the world

We invite you to attend online events, participate in courses, join our global community of practice, or support our work with a contribution.


We create educational experiences, we support a global practice community and we create collaborative alliances that catalyze change within us, between us, and around us. Here are a few of our first initiatives:

A New Republic of the Heart

An Ethos for Revolutionaries

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Written by our founder Terry Patten, A New Republic of the Heart: A Guide to Inner Work for Holistic Change addresses our global meta-crisis in all its aspects—environmental, economic, political, and cultural. Terry frames our global and societal crises as opportunities and challenges to us, now, personally—in terms that penetrate our usual abstractions and avoidance.

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There are many ways to engage, learn, support us, or co-create at A New Republic of the Heart.

We invite you to explore further and consider joining us in being of benefit.

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