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A user-friendly survey of Integral Philosophy

Welcome to Introducing Integral Tools:A user-friendly survey of Integral Philosophy. If you are not yet familiar with Integral philosophy, you may want to pull up a chair and plan on spending a little extra time visiting this introductory series. It is designed to be an on-ramp to a comprehensive grasp of the unique ways we interpret the world and its baffling dynamics. It is a fresh perspective that may help add clear and powerful meaning to our conversations going forward in the Voices of a New Republic of the Heart blogspace 

This blog is inspired by the work and dedication of Terry Patten, author of A New Republic of the Heart (NRTH) and founder of State of Emergence podcasts. Terry is an activist and one of the leading figures in the movement to evolve a profoundly caring humanity that is capable of embracing and responding to our current global predicament in a positive and life affirmative way. Terry’s vision of fostering a New Republic of the Heart is deeply rooted in the field of Integral Philosophy, which attempts to (and many contend, successfully) honor and reconcile the truths of ancient wisdom traditions with the explosion of knowledge that an awakened Western civilization has uncovered. This introductory series draws largely from Terry’s works, particularly from the pages of NRTH, and may help ease the way for newcomers to assimilate the fundamentals of Integral philosophy that underpins much of his work.

Should you find that the taste of  powerful paradigms such as this has you wanting to take in a full richness, we recommend Ken Wilber’s 1996 classic, A Brief History of Everything, which is a cornerstone for Integral understanding. Also, Terry Patten’s A New Republic of the Heart, which couples Integral theory to Integral tools and strategies now being put to use by activists in today’s dynamic environment.

We have a lot of tweaking, teardown, and rebuilding of our societies on our docket,as you likely are well aware of. Being no small venture, we seek to supply you with new adaptable tools (such as this Series) that you can add to your ever expanding toolbox, should you join our crew.

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