Cosmic Hologram – Part 2
February 16, 2021

Part Two

This blog piece refers to the recent State of Emergence podcast of the conversation between Terry Patten and Jude Currivan about Jude’s work regarding the Cosmic Hologram as it relates to the social experiment project of the New Republic of the Heart initiated by Terry.

In the weeks since I last wrote, I returned to Terry’s book, A New Republic of the Heart, to reread Chapter 6, on Wholeness. I have read this many times during the past three and a half years. From my first reading I knew that the message was fundamentally important. I was drawn particularly to this powerful sentence, “When we stand for something wholeheartedly, our whole way of being becomes congruent with it, and we actually do enact it.”

I also made note of the following question and answer: “What is involved in practicing wholeness? First, it calls us to recognize, intuitively, the mysterious wholeness that is already our condition”. Frankly, while I accepted intuitively that this was true and felt its power, I kept wanting to understand wholeness more deeply. The question that continuously posed itself to me was, “Isn’t there something more to be understood beyond intuition that supports the insight here expressed?”

Finally, I made the connection between Terry’s work of carefully cultivating and articulating the wisdom of the Ages about wholeness, and Jude’s work of laying out recent scientific evidence that reveals the fundamental holographic nature of wholeness.  In other words, science, as explored in Jude’s book, Cosmic Hologram: In-formation at the Center of Creation, is now able to describe the mysterious wholeness that is already our condition. 

Still challenged, I kept going over Jude’s work, but I’m more at ease with it now. My heart feels joyous about sinking into the timeless interpretations of wholeness illuminated by what is known now in our moment. Also, I am thinking of how central the concept of  light has been to those who have sought wisdom in Ages past. In my enthusiasm, I am tempted to reiterate what has been written already in part one. However, I will say only that everything and all potential is comprehended within the holographic model of creation. Jude explains this as a great thought or as consciousness itself manifesting as form, IN-FORMATION.

This includes realms of knowing largely forgotten or not held in significance within the modern materialistic worldview. Jude’s research and lived experience reexamine this and authorize the integration of subjective knowing (as in intuitive knowing, communion, synchronicity, experiences of non-local connectivity, fractal patterns on all levels, etc…) with scientific knowing through repeated and diligent experiments and observation.

The following is a brief account of three of my own experiences that stir a sense of joy engendered by a new perspective, and inspired by Jude’s all-encompassing presentation and Terry’s probing attentiveness to what is emerging in our time. 

About Intuition, Synchronicity, and Communion

These past winter days have found me on the alert to spot an American Bald Eagle along the shores of the Hudson River, in New York, near where I live and where the eagles stop-over this time of year. Last Sunday was a bitter cold but gorgeous day and I felt drawn to go to the Oscawana Island Wildlife Preserve at the edge of the river, knowing that there I would have the best chance of seeing one of these magnificent creatures. I intended to go early in the morning but was delayed. I almost decided to put my venture off until the next day as it was getting late and I had to be home in time to receive a scheduled call. Nevertheless, I set out quickly for the river deciding that it would be best to make an initial attempt at a sighting. If unsuccessful, I could follow up the next day. The wind was high and, as I approached, I could see that the water at the river’s edge was frozen. I had a strong sense of having been drawn to that starkly beautiful place, almost as if I were lured. My brain wanted to consider that perhaps I was pulled there for something other than spotting an eagle. However, this thought was not entirely formulated when, on the water a short distance from me, I saw the eagle, posed as if waiting for me. Then, it spread its massive wings and after circling once flew off upstream. I felt a communion with that eagle that is still with me. I remember it gratefully with awe and reverence.

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Stunning Fractal Patterns

As I begin to write about my second experience, I realize that each of my stories is connected to the waters of the Earth, the underpinning element supporting all life. The experience I am about to describe happened last December 21, the day of the Winter Solstice. I am always mindful of this day’s cosmic significance and like to be aware of the moment of the sunrise in the morning and again of the sunset in the afternoon. This time, here in New York, it was entirely overcast in the early morning and remained so all day. The sun could not be seen. Later in the day though, I thought I saw a change in the sky over the river just around the time of the sunset. I hastily went outside and stood nearby on a high place above the river just as a bit of sunlight displayed itself before sinking down below the horizon leaving behind a soft glow.  At that same moment, a flock of starlings appeared where the water tends to gather in a pool close to the edge. Until the last bit of the sun’s afterglow disappeared from sight, the starlings flew together over the pool in extraordinary, perfectly synchronized patterns. They flew as if in celebration, performing for the sun’s beauty and promise. From my vantage point the sense of celebration was doubled as I could see everything reflected in the pooled water. 

An Experience of Non-local Connectivity

My final story took place some time ago near Manila Bay, at the edge of the South China Sea. I was scheduled to give a morning lecture at the nearby Asian Social Institute regarding research I had done on people who lived in caves 3,000 years ago, on a remote island between the Philippines and Indonesia. Wanting to do justice to the achievements of these people, in the early morning I walked to the seawall along the bay and, simply and silently, communed with them asking them to accompany me during the lecture.  Later, well into the lecture, I noticed a woman I knew silently enter the hall and stand in the back. This woman, who was a PhD candidate, was clairvoyant and a medical intuitive. After the lecture, while I was talking to other folk, the woman handed me a note. She apologized for arriving late, and then said that the whole time I was speaking there was gathered around me a group of primitive people. She described their general appearance, and I knew they were the same people I had communed with earlier that morning by the water’s edge. I still relish the memory of this occasion and now find in it an even deeper pleasure and a strong sense of grace and ongoing blessing .

I am grateful for the level of awareness this podcast offers. I feel affinity with Jude’s conclusion: In the final analysis we have discovered the science of love, of unity across all fields and all time and through every realm of being and knowledge.


Author: Ann M Braudis

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