Transforming Harmful Habits
How common coping strategies are causing our climate crisis
September 21, 2020

Do you learn from stress?  Can you see how a coping problem lies at the root of our climate crisis?  We are more likely to engage in minor addictions that majorly harm our environment, ourselves, cultures, and systems when we ignore the learning-lesson stress experiences point toward.

Addressing the real need that’s highlighted by our stress response can genuinely satisfy.  “How long do you feel satisfied after coping?” is a litmus test for how successfully you are handling stress.

Engaging in addictions and pseudo-solutions affects more than ourselves.  It tugs on the web of our culture and relationships.  How does your harmful habit affect the likelihood of others engaging in harmful habits?  

How did you learn the strategies you use?  Cultures of unnecessary consumerism, reactivity, over-activity, and ‘not enough-ness’ have grown from learned mis-satisfaction.  Addressing familial and cultural needs through healthy attachment addresses our mis-satisfaction.  The more satisfied we are, the less we need the pseudo-solutions of minor habits to soothe.  Learning to genuinely nourish yourself and loved ones can nourish our planet. 

The future of our planet calls for healing our addictions and relationships.

Author: Natalie Ochmanek

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