Invincible Hope

By: David Inglis

September 24, 2020

When we put ourselves in service to the highest good, detach from specific outcomes, and respond to what’s happening with the best that’s in us, we tap into the power of invincible hope.

This kind of hope isn’t about the state of the world.  It’s about the state of our soul.

It doesn’t expend its energy reacting to what happens.  It devotes its energy to creating what can happen.

It’s not as much something we have as something we do.

Instead of waiting for the news to get better so we can feel hope, we roll up our sleeves to make the news be as good as we can, simply because that’s who we are and that’s what we do.

Invincible hope is contagious, and inspires invincible hope in others.   

When we embody invincible hope together, we move

from victimization into vision,

from isolation into connection,

from powerlessness into a force for change.

Author: David Inglis

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