Holomovement I
October 11, 2023

“The Holomovement integrates scientific, spiritual, aesthetic, and artistic sensibilities, including all forms visible and invisible”.1

From time to time I heard Terry Patten speak of the Holomovement, a phenomenon initially described by the physicist and philosopher David Bohm, PhD, who died in 1992, as denoting the totality of the cosmos as unbroken wholeness in undivided flowing movement. I had long admired Bohm’s work and hoped Terry would share more about current insights and developments regarding his legacy, as well as his hope that the New Republic of the Heart (NRTH) community would become an active part of a newly forming expression of the Holomovement.  


Sadly, Terry died before his ideas were completely formalized. Nevertheless, until close to his last days, he worked with others to delineate the principles that characterize the movement. He described in today’s language its major components and initiated a process for inviting groups to band together as part of the movement, in support of each other and to be of service to society, to the Earth and ultimately to the entire cosmos.

Masen Ewald of the NRTH administrative team has kept this initiative in focus since Terry’s death, following through with Terry’s colleagues, the group of founding members and contributors, to get the Holomovement off the ground. 

Bit by bit during the past year, understanding the Holomovement more thoroughly became for me a powerful force consistently widening my worldview. 

While I am not naturally drawn to the field of physics, I wanted some scientific grounding in the findings that drew Bohm into his grasp of undivided wholeness. I joined via Zoom the summer sessions on Bohm at the Pari Center, in Italy. While the physics was beyond me, I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions during the course, beginning to see the significance of Bohm’s work from the perspective of the interconnectedness of science, spirituality and society.  

Meanwhile, I was happy to find the Holomovement website, which I explored extensively. I acquired the corresponding book, The Holomovement, and poured over it. While I remain far from thoroughly understanding Bohm’s work and its contemporary developments, I know I want to work with and be a conscious part of the Holomovement. I think I understand it in a right brain or whole picture sense and would like now to work with and study the elements of the Holomovement that I find inspiring, as well as the reflections and experiences of others that make it practical and comprehensible in a down-to-earth sense.

1 The Holomovement: Embracing Our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity, Light on Light Press, 2023,
Edited by Emanuel Kuntzelman & Jill Robinson, Foreword by William Keepin, PhD, p. 8.


Author: Ann M Braudis

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