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Supports our mission and initiatives with monthly donation for access to participate in mission, exclusive community meetings, and other perks. Access to lower levels.

ou have a understanding and resonance with our vision and initiatives, either by reading the book/s, follwing the podcast conversations, or attending events, and you want to play a part in its success by actively learning more, expressing ideas and questions, and/or simply witnessing/holding space for those more actively engaged. You may be mostly interested in learning from our organization in order to apply new knowledge or skills in your own work, relationships, and communities. You imagine you may want to participate in our mission more fully in the future, but this level most accurately reflects your current level of enthusiasm and commitment, or what your life conditions will permit at this time.

You feel you’ve come off the sidelines and into the game — that you’re officially backing a worthy mission and part of a whole that can make the impact you’d like to see. You may also feel a shift from the a primarily intellectual mode of passive learning, consumption, and sensemaking into action and generous giving. You feel you are beginning to “be the change” and become part of the solution. You feel attracted to this community as a “home base” for your maturing as a citizen, activist, or practitioner. You’re excited to attend and potentially contribute to the evolution of the mission and you’re confident that your own gifts will be seen and valued. You recognize that you are able to meet like-minded people and develop new relationships. You may have participated more fully (e.g., in the social experiment) but can no longer dedicate as much time; this allows you to stay connected and continue your support.