Spiritual Friends Amidst Cultural Madness

The Power of Our Grateful Generosity

with Terry Patten

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Are there higher “stages” to spiritual friendship?

Can next-stage friendships become our superpower amidst our current crises?

One of our key leverage points in this fragmenting world, increasingly plagued by delusion and misinformation, is our capacity for radical generosity and spiritual friendship.

In deep spiritual friendship, we stabilize each other by being clear, present, and open — trusting that “we are wiser than me.” We enlighten each other by showing up with grateful generosity and refusing to put anyone out of our hearts.


How can we begin to make a real beneficial difference amidst our cultural madness? 

For one thing, we can keep “going sane.” We can travel together through both joy and grief. We can approach each moment humbly. We can listen in a way that evokes others’ best wisdom.

By practicing together our collective depth of presence, sanity, goodwill and care can become a source of stability and wisdom in the lives of everyone we touch.

In this live, online 75-minute teaching event, Terry Patten shares new insights about our cultural challenges and what is required to create truly dynamic spiritual friendships and practice communities that can outshine whatever madness may arise.

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Watching this special event will offer new insights about how you can cultivate dynamic spiritual friendships & community

In this free event recording, Terry shares insights as to why spiritual friendship and grateful generosity have the power to heal our cultural madness.

Questions that Terry addresses include:

  • How do we find our deep “spiritual friends” who are humble and open, and who can meet us at the heart amidst whatever craziness arises?
  • What kind of “spiritual friendship” is required at this critical stage in the human journey? How can we stabilize a new way of being with one another and magnify its impact through our collective practice?
  • How can our depth of presence and curiosity add a valuable buffer against the collective manic episodes we see happening in our world?
  • How can the practice of gratefulness — celebrating the gift of this very moment, no matter the circumstances —  blossom naturally into radical generosity?
  • Which experimental practices and ways of relating might be most likely to catalyze the dynamic spiritual friendship and coherence that our moment requires?

What people are saying about Terry

“The world is changing now, rapidly and radically. Terry Patten imparts a challenging insight to us all—helping us feel and understand how the world is calling us to transform our interior lives as well as our behaviors relating to our immediate urgent evolutionary challenges.”

Thomas Hübl, Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, and Founder of the Academy of Inner Science

“Like all true spiritual guides, Terry Patten shows us how to open our hearts and respond to this suffering world. His book is thoughtful, careful, and joyful.”

Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei, Author of The Zen of You and MeEverything is Workable

“In a stunning marriage of wild heart and cool mind, Terry Patten turns the black diamond of our global darkness to illuminate our hearts, hone our wills for selfless service, and resplendently deepen our commitment to enact our divine identity and its joy, whatever happens.” 

– Andrew Harvey, Author of The Hope – A Guide to Sacred Activism

“After 30 years of searching and experimentation, it was Terry Patten’s course that finally helped me evolve from being a spiritual seeker to being a spiritual practitioner.”

– Grant Hunter, Silicon Valley, CA

“After studying with Terry I had a completely different view of the events of my life. I no longer saw my life as a victim story, but rather as the soul journey of a heroine.”

– Maria Baes, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve been a student and practitioner of Integral Theory and philosophy for 15 years, and Terry´s teachings are… what my soul was deeply asking and yearning for—for 51 years.”

– Jochen Becker, Dusseldorf, Germany


About Terry Patten

Terry Patten is a philosopher, activist, consultant, teacher, and social entrepreneur. He is the author of the groundbreaking book, A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries, as well as Integral Life Practice, which he co-wrote with Ken Wilber and colleagues at the Integral Institute. As a teacher, he has taught an integral approach to personal transformation to over 10,000 people for over 15 years. 

Terry is the founder of A New Republic of the Heart and the host of the podcast State of Emergence, which convenes daring conversations with leaders, scientists, change agents, and teachers about humanity’s urgent challenges. 

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