Being the Medicine for One Another

November 17, 2020

A conversation with

<h1>Tuesday Ryan-Hart</h1>

Tuesday Ryan-Hart

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Systems change strategist and facilitator Tuesday Ryan-Hart explores the trauma, care, tenderness, and sacredness that are underneath our discussions of equity and systemic injustice. She and Terry consider which mindsets, skills, and relational practices can enable us to stay in the complexity of difficult conversations and collective healing without losing sight of our common humanity and dignity. They imagine how an ethos of grace can guide this deep, challenging, and beautiful interpersonal work together, in a way that honors both our inherent wholeness and multiplicity.

Tuesday is a strategic consultant who leads large-scale systems change in diverse organizations and communities, helping them reframe persistent issues, illuminate unhelpful assumptions, and enter into new mindsets. Tuesday’s passion for social justice and her expertise in gender & racial equity enables her to excel at helping organizations and groups enhance awareness and understanding, build alliances, and take effective action together. She is trained as a psychotherapist and is an Art of Hosting global practice community steward, and she is a co-founder and partner of The Outside, an organization facilitating systemic change with equity at the center. Tuesday’s work is also featured in the book Walk Out Walk On by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze.

Here are some additional questions that Tuesday and Terry explore: 

  • How can we “be the medicine” for one another and our beautiful broken world? 
  • Can we build our capacity to listen to and talk with one another without trying to change minds or reach an agreement, but simply to “set our gaze in the same direction?”
  • How can we bring grace into our relations across divisions — allowing ourselves and others to make mistakes and be human? 
  • Is grace a gift we can simply give to and receive from one another — even if it’s not something anyone can expect from us?
  • In collective healing work, how can we simultaneously honor our common humanity and our very different lineages, pasts, presents, and futures?

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Guest: Tuesday Ryan-Hart
Tuesday Ryan-Hart leads large-scale systems change with a deep understanding and practice of how equity, when put at the centre of new movements, frees the path to better ideas that work. She helps diverse organizations and communities with shared interests reframe commonly-held assumptions and persistent issues, surfacing a new mindset for action with greater participation and shared impact.
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Host: Terry Patten

Terry Patten is a philosopher, teacher, activist, consultant, and social entrepreneur. He is the author of  A New Republic of the Heart – An Ethos for Revolutionaries and the co-author with Ken Wilber and others of Integral Life Practice. Terry is the founder of the nonprofit A New Republic of the Heart and the creator of the State of Emergence podcast .

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