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A vibrant, international community of practitioners committed to becoming next-stage citizens

You’re Invited to Join Our Community

If you understand what time it is on planet Earth, you know we need radical, whole-systems change. That will require a new level of human maturity. You’re invited to support and join our serious, playful, experimental, joyful, transformational community. We are spiritual practitioners and change agents. We’ll be even stronger if you show up too. Here are four ways to join us:

Make a One-Time Donation

Perhaps you already belong to our community, or perhaps you’d rather express your support with a one-time donation. We are grateful for your donation — it makes a big difference as we develop a sustainable and thriving foundation for our community and related nonprofit initiatives.

Your donation will directly fund our staff, tools, media production, teaching resources, web development, and more.

Join Us as a


Our dedicated volunteers give and receive profound value in an enjoyable and deeply rewarding experience. You’re welcome to join us in co-creating a variety of initiatives, including the State of Emergence podcast, our Voices blog, our new alliance project, and our growing practice community.

We’re are currently welcoming all skill sets, especially marketing, social media, copy writing administration, WordPress development, web design, video editing, and fundraising.


of the New Republic


If you’re resonating with our work at A New Republic of the Heart and you want to support it, then we invite you to join us as a “Brother-Sister of the New Republic.”

We will keep you informed about major developments in our work, as well as special invitations to public teaching events, collaborative projects, and social gatherings.

Your friendship, your support, and your financial contribution — large or small — will be felt by our entire community and it makes a big difference.

The requested contribution for this category is any amount per month.

Benefits to You

  • Stay informed by mission updates and progress
  • Get early access to special events for free
  • Receive State of Emergence podcast episode content
  • Receive a digital gift (free download of Integral Soul Work: Personal and Global Purpose by Terry Patten)

Friend of

State of Emergence

Friend of State of Emergence

If you’re appreciating our State of Emergence podcast conversations and you would like to help the podcast thrive and reach more listeners, we invite you to become a “Friend of State of Emergence.”

You’re also welcome to join us in exploring the conversations in greater depth, as we convene new State of Emergence live community conversations every month. Join other listeners in live discussions of  the ideas and insights that emerged in recent episodes.

The requested contribution for this category is $10/month.

Benefits to You

  • Join our new State of Emergence community conversations + Q&A every month (restarting in Spring 2022)
  • Plus: All benefits included in the “Brother-Sister of the New Republic” category

Being of Benefit

Being of Benefit

If you’re resonating with the vision and mission of our community — or the depth of heart-intelligence expressed in our State of Emergence conversations — and you feel moved to sit by the fire with us in collective transformation, we invite you to join us in “Being of Benefit” to this wild time.

We are a group of caring and courageous friends living across 20 countries who are called to embody our highest wisdom, learn from one another, support each other’s development, listen together, share perspectives on our societal challenges, and bless one another in becoming more effective change agents in our own communities.

If you feel this momentous time is calling you into a new level of maturity and action — and you recognize the importance of community in making that shift — we hope you’ll join us in this work.

The requested contribution for this category is $35/month.

Benefits to You

  • Join our live, full community sessions every 2-3 weeks to experience transformative teachings, group practices, mission updates, and the collective wisdom of our community
  • Receive the audiobook of A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaires by Terry Patten
  • Receive our new book Being the Change: Discoveries from a Yearlong Living Laboratory
  • Plus: All benefits in the “Brother-Sister” and “State of Emergence” categories



If your heart is both full and broken with care and concern for the future of all we love, and you feel called into a radical commitment to transform your very way of being a global citizen in our world, we invite you to join us as a “Co-Creator.”

As co-creative practitioners, we are alive to both the impossible challenges and the inspiring possibilities of our time. We see our global predicament as a sacred rite of passage that requires us to enact a new human pattern within ourselves and across culture. Together, we are practicing the “inner work” of personal transformation, the “interpersonal work” of deep relating, and the “outer work” of real-world action. We are seriously and playfully experimenting with radical collaboration, collective healing, emergent co-creativity, and projects that have tangible impact.

If you feel committed to practice, connect, and co-create at the leading edge, we hope you’ll join us.

The requested contribution for this category is $65–$95/mo. While full participation begins in Feb 2021, access to community sessions is provided immediately. If a lower contribution amount is appropriate for you, please apply here.

Benefits to You

  • Practice deep, authentic relating and “we-space” in small group “pods” and “dyads”
  • Join specialized practice group “circles”
  • Access our online community on Mighty Networks
  • Learn to facilitate compassionate conversations
  • Attend trainings in the “outer work” of social impact
  • Volunteering or service requirement (2+ hr/week)
  • Collaborate on projects and public-facing initiatives
  • Plus: All benefits included in all other categories

How to Get Started

1. Select the category that calls to you based on your interests, time, purpose, and financial circumstances.

3. Enter a monthly contribution amount. Please at least enter the suggested contribution amount of each category, and if you can contribute more, you’ll make it possible for people who cannot.

4. Complete sign-up. Enter your billing info, create an account (or log in), and click “sign up now.”

5.  Check your inbox for your welcome email for access to your benefits and upcoming events.


Contact us at [email protected] if a lower contribution amount is appropriate for you and you’d like to arrange other options. We are very excited to welcome you as part of this community!