The Will to Not Blink

November 29, 2019

A conversation with

<h1>Stephen Jenkinson</h1>

Stephen Jenkinson

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Stephen Jenkinson is an activist, teacher, author, and farmer with a master’s degree in theology from Harvard and an MSW from the University of Toronto. A former programme director and assistant professor, Jenkinson co-founded The Orphan Wisdom School and is the author of How It All Could Be, Money and the Soul’s Desires, Die Wise, and Come of Age: The Case of Elderhood in a Time of Trouble. With Gregory Hoskins and band, Stephen has offered Nights of Grief & Mystery to sold out houses on three continents.

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Guest: Stephen Jenkinson
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Host: Terry Patten

Terry Patten is a philosopher, teacher, activist, consultant, and social entrepreneur. He is the author of  A New Republic of the Heart – An Ethos for Revolutionaries and the co-author with Ken Wilber and others of Integral Life Practice. Terry is the founder of the nonprofit A New Republic of the Heart and the creator of the State of Emergence podcast .

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