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Integral evolutionary resources
The community of integral evolutionary thought and practice has been the primary context for my teaching work since 2004. Hundreds of books, conferences, seminars, meet-up groups, salons, articles, and blogs contribute to the integral evolutionary conversation.

Allied resources

Here I only mention a handful of the most prominent and influential organizations.

  • Integral Life ( is a membership organization that is also the primary web portal (alongside for the public work of the integral community associated with Ken Wilber. It offers a wealth integral resources and educational and personal development programs online, and it periodically offers major in-person gatherings for members of the international integral community. It publishes or produces most of the US-based projects formerly organized by the Integral Institute.
  • MetaCapital ( founded by Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, is an alliance of three organizations—a training academy, a consulting firm, and a philanthropic think tank. It has sponsored four Integral Theory Conferences, publishes the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and offers rigorous educational and personal development programs.
  • Since 2014, the Integral European Conferences ( have become the main gatherings in Europe for the global integral community. But centers for integral thought, culture, and practice exist in many European countries, particularly Germany, where the Integrales Forum ( has been active for well over a decade.
  • The Institute for Cultural Evolution (ICE) ( is discussed under Transpartisan Initiatives.
  • The Center for Human Emergence ( founded by Don Beck, co-author of Spiral Dynamics, is a global facilitator for conscious evolution with centers in the US, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany, and has also worked actively in the Middle East, Mexico, and South Africa.
  • On The Daily Evolver ( and on Facebook), Jeff Salzman regularly shines an integral light on current events in politics and culture through the lens of Wilber’s integral theory.
  • The Foundation for Conscious Evolution was founded by futurist, speaker, author, educator, and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard. She has articulated a new worldview of “conscious evolution” for almost 50 years, and the Foundation’s initiatives extend her efforts. FCE’s stated mission is to educate people in the worldview of Conscious Evolution and how to apply it in their lives, personally and socially; and to network, connect and align individuals and groups, making visible the vast movement for positive change that is arising everywhere, and to further cooperate toward our common goal of a compassionate, sustainable future. Learn more here.
  • Integral Evolutionary Educational Programs are offered quite widely. I list just a few here:
    • Integral degree programs have been offered by John F. Kennedy University ( and the Fielding Institute ( The California Institute of Integral Studies( offers a wide range of holistic higher educational programs. Meridian University ( offers integral education in its graduate programs, and a leadership and social transformation program led by its chancellor, Jean Houston. Ubiquity University ( offers undergraduate and graduate programs in liberal arts, psychology, and the pursuit of wisdom.
  • Integral Coaching Canada ( has developed a rigorous coaching method built around the core distinctions of integral theory.
  • Pacific Integral (, founded in 2004 by Geoff Fitch, Terri O’Fallon, and others, offers integral evolutionary programs and consulting services focused on generating transformative change in human systems.
  • Next Step Integral (, a partnership between SIFCO’s Stephan Martineau and his wife Miriam Mason Martineau, offers online courses on Integral Parenting and Integral Education.
  • Ten Directions ( offers certification programs in integral facilitation with Sensei Diane Musho Hamilton and online trainings in personal development, coaching, and influence taught by her and Rob McNamara.
  • Integral Academy Hungary ( founded by Integral Eupropen Conference organizer Bence Ganti, trains and certifies psychotherapists, counselors and coaches.
  • ID Academy Denmark ( founded by Ole Vadum Dahl trains and certifies psychotherapists and coaches and teaches Essential Life Practice.

 Integral Publications

  • Academic journals:
  • General interest publications:
    • Emerge-Bewusstseinkulture Magazin [Emerge: A Magazine of Consciousness and Culture] ( contributes important original leading-edge thought and dialogue to the big questions asked in this book.
    • Kosmos: Journal for Social Transformation (, founded by Nancy Roof, probably contains the most dynamic popular integral evolutionary articles in printed form in English.
    • The Cosmos Coop ( is described in chapter 8, and is both a publication and a community. It continues to express and further develop the dynamic intellectual inquiry that can still be found on Beams and Struts (
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