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Heart intelligence
Humans are a lot more than our brains. Here are just a few of the organisations that are researching and helping people to enable fuller capabilities.

Allied resources

The HeartMath Institute has pioneered research validating and legitimizing the intelligence of the heart, which is so crucial to the present work. For almost thirty years, the people at HeartMath have been conducting biomedical research into the heart as a center of higher intelligence in human beings and creating tools and trainings that help people to activate it. eir ultimate mission is “to activate the heart of humanity” in its role as caretaker for future generations and the planet. (I worked closely with the HeartMath team in the 1990s and led the team that developed their rst heart rate variability monitor.) Through organizational consulting, trainings, products, and the Global Coherence Initiative, HeartMath’s work has expanded tremendously, reaching people from all walks of life all over the US and the world. Find out more about the HeartMath Institute and their work here:

The Pachamama Alliance led by Bill and Lynne Twist, is a dynamic partnership between indigenous Amazonian Achuar people and North Americans dedicated to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fullling, socially just human presence on our planet. Its superb educational programs help inspire and galvanize a healthy transformation of the consensus trance shaping global culture and industrial civilization. Among the most important are “Awakening the Dreamer,” a powerful transformational educational training program, and “The Gamechanger Intensive,” an online leadership training aiming to shift concern over the state of the world into meaningful effective activism. Find out more about the The Pachamama Alliance and their work here:

Charles Eisenstein has produced books, blogs, audio recordings, and videos that have inspired thousands of people to attempt to create “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” With his heart’s higher intelligence guiding his clear mind, he has also dared to imagine a sacred economics based on a gift economy. His website contains a wealth of resources to help people understand how to embrace and practice empathy and interconnectedness and become more effective agents of social transformation. Find out more about Charles Eisenstein and his work here

ServiceSpace (, founded by Nippun Mehta, lever- ages technology for altruism. Run entirely by volunteers, it has become an umbrella for many generosity-driven projects and provides tools for individuals to organize their own local service events. It thus helps ignite fundamental generosity for inner and outer transformation.

The Goi Peace Foundation (, organized by Masami and Hiroo Saionji, sponsors many far-reaching initiatives, including the Fuji Declaration, the Goi Peace Award, numerous youth education and leadership programs, research studies, and symposia—all to nurture the necessary transformation of global society. It has official status at several U.N. agencies.

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