Steve McIntosh
Leading integral philosopher and Cofounder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution think tank, Steve McIntosh offers original idea to help us engage the challenge of hyper-partisan polarization in politics and culture.
Institute of Cultural Evolution
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Steve McIntosh is an integral philosopher and author who has integrated a great many original ideas and insights on spirituality, philosophy, politics, and the polarization of American culture. Steve is the author of Developmental Politics—How America Can Grow Into a Better Version of Itself, as well three previous books on integral philosophy: The Presence of the Infinite, Evolution’s Purpose, and Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution. He is also President and Cofounder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, a nonprofit integral think tank that works to overcome the problem of hyper-partisan polarization by evolving the political positions of both the Right and the Left according to their own values and strengths.

Before becoming a writer and social entrepreneur, Steve had a variety of other successful careers, including founding the consumer products company Now & Zen, and practicing law with one of America’s largest firms. His innovative political thinking has been featured on NPR, The Daily Beast, Real Clear Politics, The Hill, The National Journal, and in a wide variety of other media. He is an honors graduate of the University of Virginia Law School, and the University of Southern California Business School. Steve grew up in Los Angeles and now lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and two sons.