Terry Patten
April 1, 1951 to October 30, 2021
November 6, 2021

In Memory of Terry Patten

We are writing to you—our beloved community—to let you know that Terry, our dear friend, teacher, guide, and radiantly bright light, passed away peacefully at approximately 1:30 a.m. PT Saturday, October 30, 2021, surrounded by his family. 

As many of you are aware, Terry was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer in April, and he courageously, vulnerably and luminously shared about his “life-threatening and life-brightening” process. In his last week, Terry’s health declined quickly and he was surrounded by family and loved ones at his home, in a field of love and deep peace, during his final days and hours.

All of us in Terry’s nonprofit community, A New Republic of the Heart, are with you in feeling a depth of grief and unspeakable gratitude for the fullness and gift of his life and legacy—and our collective loss. 

Amidst our grief, many of us are also feeling deeply inspired and called forth by Terry’s courage, compassion, and ever-deepening surrender as he navigated the last seven months of his life — the radiance of his being beckoning us to treasure and trust in the process of our lives, and this very moment.

Terry shared his vision to holistically address our wicked predicament in his book A New Republic of the Heart, and established and nurtured our community to be the change the world needs now.

We at the New Republic of the Heart Community are carrying this mission forward, inspired by the enduring “brightening” Terry radiated, and by his commitment, strength of will, and capacity to always bring truth, beauty, goodness, and love to humanity and all life.

In Terry’s words:

“…it is about our unique role, in this place and time, for transforming civilization and planetary life. We are “it,” whether we like it or not, and it is up to us—through our inner and outer work—to enact all necessary changes for creating a living, sustainable, exciting future. This work expresses who we truly are and it will go on forever, even “after it’s too late”—which it never is.”

“It’s time.”

With Love, 

All of us at A New Republic of the Heart

Author: Voices Team

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  1. Kristin

    Thank you for this beautiful eulogy.

    xoxoxo Kristin


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