Hope Is a Distraction, So Die Into Love

December 26, 2019

A conversation with

<h1>Jamie Wheal</h1>

Jamie Wheal

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Co-author of the Pulitzer nominated global bestseller Stealing Fire and Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project, Jamie Wheal is an expert on peak performance and leadership, specializing in the neuroscience and application of Flow states. His work combines a background in expeditionary education, wilderness medicine, and surf rescue, with over a decade of advising high-growth companies on strategy, execution, and leadership.

As you’ll hear in the episode, Jamie is a brilliant, eloquent, quick-witted, and inspired individual, who understands that task of our time requires a new level of human maturity, responsibility, and performance. He’s awake to and heartbroken by the reality of our situation and he generously shares his vulnerability in this conversation with Terry.

If you’d like to see or hear more from Jamie, you’ll find him speaking on the intersection of science and human potential to diverse, high-performance communities like Young President’s Organization, Summit Series, TED, and more. His leadership and coaching ranges from Fortune 500 companies to professional athletes to the U.S. military. At the Flow Genome Project, he leads a team of the world’s top scientists, athletes, and artists dedicated to mapping the genome of the peak-performance state known as Flow.

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Guest: Jamie Wheal
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Host: Terry Patten

Terry Patten is a philosopher, teacher, activist, consultant, and social entrepreneur. He is the author of  A New Republic of the Heart – An Ethos for Revolutionaries and the co-author with Ken Wilber and others of Integral Life Practice. Terry is the founder of the nonprofit A New Republic of the Heart and the creator of the State of Emergence podcast .

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