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NRTH Citizens are thoughtful, complex people interested in deeper conversations addressing different aspects of personal, social, civic, and complex systems and how they interact. They are holistic in their approaches to living and they care about the future of the humanity and life on earth.

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There are many ways to co-create New Republics of the Heart.

Do you have an idea, perspective, curiosity or story – sparked by individuals or groups you know, or that you have yourself been incubating?

What have you, or people who inspire you, been engaged with?

Who do you know that has been working effectively within or outside of the system to initiate change – within a family, a group, a whole city or beyond?

What and who moves you to want to speak up now?

This is a NRTH community blog. We seek well-written articles from anyone who is or feels like they are part of this community and has something to say.

Start a dialog with a post, sharing your ideas and engage the community to grow the idea, yourself, and our culture.

Read the Author Guidelines below.

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Authoring Guidelines

Blog focus

We welcome any submission that relates in any way to learning from and bringing care to our collective predicament, and how we can navigate our world-in-crisis in ways that are life-enhancing and in integrity with future human generations and all living beings.


Sincerity, curiosity, creativity, intelligence, courage, care, generosity, appreciation, celebration, sanity, invitations, questions, connections, and positive contributions.


Cynicism, nihilism, insanity, “one true way” rants (especially religious or political), litanies of woes, condemnations, narcissism, self-indulgence, advertisements, solicitations or manipulations.


We welcome original thought, perspectives and proposals, creative or artistic offerings, as well as reviews of or reflections on others’ works (as long as no copyright guidelines are infringed upon, and appropriate credits are included).

Post Length

Brevity is the soul of wit, and small is beautiful, but long-form work is very welcome. We recommend limiting most posts to 1000 words, and don’t imagine approving anything over 3000 words. (However if it’s really juicy, we will reconsider.) There is no minimum length.


Please include the original source for anything you reference in your submission, using the regular canonical URL. Do not use link shorteners (like, and minimize the number of links included in your piece.

Your bio

We ask that your submission includes a brief biography (~150 words) and photo (ideally 300px by 300px square), but neither is an absolute requirement.

Submission and review protocol

One submission at a time please. We will review and reply suggesting any changes that will enable us to post it in good faith and with a commitment to excellence. Once it is approved, we will let you know when to expect your contribution to be posted on this site, so that you can participate in the comments. Please know that the comments will be reviewed before posting to ensure that the quality of interaction remains respectful and relevant.

Questions for the Editor

Please enter your question or concern here. We are a volunteer organization and are doing our best to make the world a better place but it may take us a bit to reply. Bear with us.
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