Stories of positive change

Taking risks to catalyse (r)evolution

Changing lives

At this critical time on the planet many people are motivated to step out of their comfort zones and into the complex landscapes of the unknown in order to create changes equal to our current challenges.

Changing the world

Broad and deep (r)evolution needs stories of positive change that help inspire us, give us maps to follow, and activate us to make authentic changes in our lives, communities and the world.

Reinventing value chains in Peru and Bolivia

Reinventing value chains in Peru and Bolivia

From Integral Without Borders by Gail Hochachka: Sustainability will not be achieved if it remains at a small scale. Although very localized efforts count--they shine a light towards what is possible--they do need to scale up to a broader impact if they are to indeed...

Holistic health system change

Holistic health system change

From Greenmode by Simon Divecha: Over the past 5 years I’ve been involved with a delightful group diving into traditionally stuck health system problems. This work is creating holistic positive change assisting individual developmental grown and answering...

The Slocan integral forestry cooperative

The Slocan integral forestry cooperative

From A New Republic of the Heart by Terry Patten: My friend Stephan Martineau moved in 1992 to the Slocan Valley, a beautiful Canadian mountain valley with a diverse community of about six thousand people. The social landscape included First Nations voices; a...


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There are many, many people and groups globally. Browse through the community resources. These cover groups organisations and individuals who are actively creating New Republic of the Heart type changes.



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There are many ways to co-create New Republics of the Heart.

Do you have a story – from individuals or groups you know or your own?

What have you or people who inspire you been engaged with? Who is creating holistic connected society solutions (large or small)?

The scope for these stories is broad. Do you know of people who’ve been working effectively within or outside of the system to iitiate change? This could be within a family, a group, a whole city or beyond. 

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