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Political activism
From the very rich and broad world of progressive activism, addressing issues of economic, political, gender, and racial justice, I list only a few very general progressive initiatives here.

Allied resources

Meanwhile many good people are working around the system through conservative churches and charities, as well as innovative charitable initiatives like Stand Together ( which finds successful grassroots programs and helps them scale.

Some conservatives are partnering with people on the left to foster honest conversations across boundaries, such as John Gable, founder of All Sides Now, who partnered with Joan Blades, co-founder of to create Living Room Conversations.

Marianne Williamson is running for President of the United States on a spiritually informed, peace oriented, and morality based platform. Her platforms are well-considered and strike at the roots of the problems we are collectively facing rather than on political talking points. See more at her campaign site (

  • The Indivisible Guide ( presents step-by-step guidelines and advice on using tactics of proven effectiveness to create progressive change in American politics. The guide includes chapters on grassroots advocacy, how to make your congressional representatives listen and act, how to mobilize your fellow constituents, and how to make sure your congressional members speak for you.
  • Our Revolution (, founded by Bernie Sanders, is dedicated to working both within and around the current system to empower large numbers of individuals to make the American political system more responsive to working families. Its three stated goals are to revitalize American democracy, empower progressive leaders, and elevate the political consciousness.
  • The Action Network ( is a nonprofit organization that makes available online tools expressly for progressive activists—including tools for fundraising, mass mailings, collaboration with other individuals/organizations, etc. It is designed for groups of all sizes, with pricing structures to match, including free intuitive tools.
  • Represent Us ( is a non-partisan initiative focusing on political corruption in the USA, working to oppose and expose the most fundamental expression of fragmentation in politics, creating a ground for restoring wholeness. Countless movements in other countries focus on opposing corruption all over the world.
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