Karine Bell
Somatic educator, mindful embodiment teacher, and cultural anthropologist Karine Bell examines the nature of multi-generational trauma, how it remains alive in us today, and the collective healing so vital to the well-being of future generations.
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Karine Bell is a mindfulness, embodiment, and somatics teacher, and a somatic experiencing practitioner dedicated to spreading the word about healing through the body. Karine is the founder of the online community Rooted — “a global village healing the human family and co-imagining new ways of being” (you can learn more and join the waitlist here). She is also a facilitator of Embodied Gatherings alongside Resmaa Menakem. Karine is a mother, and motherhood was a powerful catalyst for her commitment to trauma alchemy work — transforming inherited and early life trauma so that we don’t pass the same pain onto our children and the next generation. A bi-cultural black woman, she is also a cultural anthropologist working with how our present bodily and mental experience is shaped by cultural narratives and our collective histories. 

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