Diane Musho Hamilton
Zen Roshi, award-winning mediator, and author Diane Musho Hamilton teaches us to transform our participation in the most difficult conversations so they can become opportunities for compassion and healing.
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Diane Musho Hamilton is a Zen Roshi, professional mediator, author and teacher, whose work explores the deep human crisis of relationship and communication and identifies how we can transform our participation in any conversation. She speaks to our most difficult conversations about crisis, race, religion, gender, politics, and other societal challenges, and how they present opportunities for compassion and healing. Diane Musho Hamilton is an award-winning mediator and a compassionate, funny, dazzling facilitator. She is a Zen lineage holder and the Executive Director of Two Arrows Zen in Utah, a trainer of Integral Facilitation. Diane has authored three books: Everything Is Workable, The Zen of You and Me, and her new book Compassionate Conversations.

Compassionate Conversations – How to Speak and Listen from the Heart

Diane’s new book, Compassionate Conversations, co-authored with Gabriel Menegale Wilson and Kimberly Myosai Loh, explores the dynamics of uncomfortable and often contentious topics of race, religion, gender, sexuality, and politics. Diane and her co-authors empower us to transform these conversations into opportunities to bridge divides and mend relationships by providing the basic set of conflict resolution skills we need to be successful, including listening, reframing, and dealing with strong emotions. It addresses the long history of injury and pain for marginalized groups and contains practices and reflection questions to help readers feel more prepared to talk through polarizing issues, listen to others more effectively, and become more intimate with expressing our truths. Learn more and order the book here.

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