David Chasteen
David is a retired citizen of A New Republic of the Heart trying to do good in the world by helping to establish a technology foundation for this community.
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David is a life-long seeker and knowledge explorer starting with his dad’s wall of books, encyclopedias, and the magazines of the last half of the 20th century. Like many teenagers of the 1960’s he became enamored with the messengers of the time – Alan Watts, Paul Brunton, and the many ecologists who were active in establishing environmental protection.

He had three major career shifts. He got his initial degree  in Ecology at the University of Central Florida which had deep ties to the space coast and the environmental impacts of the space program. He worked around as a field biologist studying Florida plant communities and populations of deer, black bear, native rodents, sea turtles, and rare plants/ecosystems until finally landing a career in Environmental Protection/Regulation as a field biologist studying impacts on aquatic and estuarine ecosystems and later running ecotoxicology studies on domestic and industrial wastewater in Florida. Seeking more influence and impact he got an MSE in Civil/Environmental Engineering and was part  of establishing the organizations implementing the federal water pollution (NPDES) programs – compliance/enforcement/training and ultimately migrated into the associated IT systems development to implement them.

From here, David left government and rode the wave of information technology specializing in the “Information” side of IT. He played the roles of decision support/analytics, information/data modeling, enterprise architect, and finally retiring from a role of Enterprise Information Architect.

All through this time he has kept reading, thinking, contemplating, and learning across religions, philosophy, and the emergence of integral theory starting with Ken Wilber and spreading out from there. And with the internet, wide ranging exploration.

As a result of reading/listening to Terry Patten’s A New Republic of the Heart Book, he volunteered to help build out the community web presence and help establish the technology platform’s for the New Republic of the Heart. And boy, he could use more help. Click here to help!