Bence Ganti
Co-founder of Integral Europe and the Integral European Conferences, Bence Ganti is a clinical psychologist, teacher, and leader connecting integral communities worldwide and supporting the emergence of a more integral world.
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Bence Ganti, MA, is the co-founder of Integral Europe (since 2012), the co-founder and director of the Integral European Conferences (since 2014) and the founder of the Integral Academy in Budapest (since 2006). Bence is an integrally oriented clinical psychologist who has taught integral psychology, as well as his cutting-edge we-space practice called Integral Flow Experience, in Hungary, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria, Mexico, and South Africa. 

Bence represented integral consciousness during the World Economic Forum week in Davos, Switzerland in 2019. Ken Wilber asked him to be the European coordinator of Integral Institute, and to honor the man who gave the world the integral vision, Bence teamed up with John Dupuy to create the Ken Wilber Gratitude Fund in Washington, D.C. For more details, please check out the websites associated with Bence’s work linked below.

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