Integral Heart School

Heart-Centric Courses To Prepare To Meet the World

Welcome to the Integral Heart School

The purpose of this school is to offer courses from a Heart-Centric perspective aiming at developing a person and groups of people with rich interior strength to be able to take action in the world. The courses are integrally informed and organized on Ken Wilber’s AQAL model and informed by Terry Patten’s “heart-centric” approach. They are intended as an on-ramp into the New Republic of the Heart Social Experiment which prepares our members to take their outer work in the world, after developing a person’s skills, their adequacy, to be more effective as a role player in the world to take action on the meta-crisis.

Personal/Interior Courses

These courses are focused on building or rejuvenating your:

  •  your inner strength,
  • your compassion,
  • your resilience, and
  • your life’s purpose in the world now

Integral Spiritual Practice CourseAn integrally-inspired course to activate the full potential of your Mind-Body-Spirit-Heart+Soul.

Brightening Every Darkness

This is an amazing course, following the insights, revelations, and authentic journey into the “Bright” as Terry Patten experienced the last months and moments of his life. It is a course reflecting on a life well lived and dying well. This was live event series of intimate gatherings, where the community joined Terry Patten, and special guests Diane Musho Hamilton, Indra Adnan and Craig Hamilton, as Terry travels the edges of his personal confrontation with death and dying, and its profound teachings for all of us facing our collective predicament.

Collective/Interior Courses

These courses are to develop your skills in the We-Space. This is the preparation on ramp to joining the New Republis of the Heart Social Experiment.

Foundations of the Social Experiment

Individual/Exterior Courses

This course paints the vision and concepts needed to be effective in taking action in the world.

Living in a New Republic of the Heart

Collective/Exterior Courses

This is a fully participatory course that prepares members of the New Republic of the Heart to take action in the world and provides a community to support them while they address the Meta-Crisis

The Social Experiment