Being of Benefit amidst Crisis

Our profound global challenges — of climate, culture, sustainability, politics, economics and more — are interconnected and hypercomplex. They are requiring us to transform our ways of being individuals, friends and citizens. A New Republic of the Heart invites spiritual practitioners and change agents to learn, practice, and collaborate in becoming the next-stage human beings who can rise to our collective moment.


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What is A New Republic of the Heart?



Our work serves spiritual practitioners and change agents in over 20 countries who are committed to practicing, growing and collaborating together in order to become more effective citizens, friends and leaders in their own communities.

We do this with an emphasis on three essential dimensions of activism:

  1. The “inner work” of self-awareness and personal transformation
  2. The “interpersonal work” of authentic, compassionate relating
  3. The “outer work” of practical, beneficial action in the world

You’re invited to explore our current initiatives and consider bringing your own compassion, intelligence, creativity and commitment to our collective efforts.


By creating educational experiences, empowering an international practice community and cohering collaborative alliances, we are committed to supporting change agents as they grow into effective citizens and leaders . Below are a few of our first initiatives:

A New Republic of the Heart

An Ethos for Revolutionaries

Explore The Book

Written by our founder Terry Patten, A New Republic of the Heart: A Guide to Inner Work for Holistic Change addresses our global meta-crisis in all its aspects—environmental, economic, political, and cultural. Terry frames our global and societal crises as opportunities and challenges to us, now, personally—in terms that penetrate our usual abstractions and avoidance.

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You're Invited to Join Us

There are many ways to engage, learn, support us, or co-create at A New Republic of the Heart.

We invite you to explore further and consider joining us in being of benefit.