New Republic of the Heart

A collaborative community co-creating whole system change.

Our Mission

In a time when the future of Planet Earth, as a home for humans and countless other life forms, appears to be at stake, we are called to a new level of responsibility for the whole. While many organizations exist to address specific problems in the world, A New Republic of the Heart is dedicated to cultivating the embodied practice of the intelligence of wholeness — combining the inner and outer work as a practice of integrated transformation. 

We are committed to helping individuals, groups, and organizations bring the deepest spiritual insights of the world’s great wisdom traditions into profound conversation with modern scientific, social, and ecological thought. We believe that humanity’s best bet for surviving and thriving into the future is through the revolutionary ethos of integral practice in service to wholeness.

Through hosting sacred conversations, producing educational media, delivering training events, and supporting communities of practice, we aim to catalyze an evolutionary movement that touches every level of self and society, inspiring the recognition of collective citizenship in the only world we share.

NRTH Vision

The 21st century confronts us with unprecedented challenges to our environment, our society, and our very civilization that are so complex and formidable that scientists deem them “wicked.” Intertwined with these wicked problems is a massive spiritual crisis that has many feeling alienated, disenfranchised, and anxious.

Addressing all of this will require an activism that is equally unprecedented—one that demands and creates whole system change and marshals both the wisdom of the heart and the intelligence of the mind. This may seem unlikely in the face of the obstacles in our path, but it is precisely in times of great crisis when great change is the most possible. We inhabit, at once, an era fraught with danger but also rife with opportunity.


NRTH is the non-profit organization that enables whole system change by offering courses, community discussion, podcasts, videocasts, a communications campaign, and many other efforts to bring about whole systems change and a cultural immune system to counter the affects of rapid social transformation.

It is led by a Core Team that began in Bay Area Integral and has Terry Patten as the primary driver and leader of the effort to get it going. It also has a very small , low paid staff, and a rotating set of volunteers who bring a variety of skills as needed in a collaborative fashion.

NRTH is a working lab co-creating an integral approach to whole system change as a collaborative working collective of allied organizations. It intends to create a “Movement of Movements” weaving together cultural bonds, strengths, and assets to efficiently enable solutions to the complex global problems we face.