Richard D. Bartlett
Social entrepreneur and community innovator Richard D. Bartlett explores new dynamics for conscious communities and small-scale social experiments of social benefit.
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In 2012, Richard D. Bartlett co-founded Loomio, a digital tool for deliberation and decision-making in groups, and in 2016, he co-founded The Hum, which advises organizations without managers. Rich is also a Director and longstanding member of Enspiral — a network of people supporting each other for doing meaningful work — and his most recent project is called Microsolidarity, a mutual aid community of peer-to-peer support for people working on personal development. He also writes about how we work together, at any scale, from relationships to organizations to social change. You can follow his insights on Twitter, read his articles on Medium, and access his first book Patterns for Decentralised Organising online (though it’s not finished).

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