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Hello and welcome to the NRTH blog page! I began my life near the top of a mountain in Southern Vermont. Both of my parents instilled in me a sense of connectedness to all life; the magic and mystery found in every living thing. In addition, each of them stirred in a good dose of activist mentality by supporting and lobbying for equal rights, the environment and the downtrodden. My Mom was a big picture thinker which, on occasion, made talking with her difficult. But, for the most part, we made a good team. Not choosing the path of higher education, I worked my way through many interesting and challenging jobs instead. All things considered, it’s no mistake I found Terry Patten’s work and a New Republic of the Heart. This collaborative is a good fit for me; inspiring, supportive, challenging, forward thinking, and entirely life affirming. I wholeheartedly believe that ‘we’ (the collective we of humanity) are called to change our current patterns of being human in order to live – compassionately, responsibly, authentically – in service of all beings on our precious Earth, and that we are called to do this now.